What is bionomics

Bionomics used to be another name for the science we call ecology today. But it was a long time ago. Today they are no longer the synonyms. In the modern science classification bionomics has a new meaning. It is a synthetic discipline based on the comparative bioeconomic analysis. It includes the Bio-Economic Parallels System that allows to study economics in terms of biology and vice versa.

Economy is like biology.
To be as viable as possible economy must be like biology. The more economy is like biology the more sustainable it is. For example, the more solar energy economy uses the more it becomes like a natural plant. The ecosystem-like economy is Bionomics.

Biology is like economy.
Every signle biological organism as well as a social community like ants or bees have their own economy the humans have to learn from. Thus, we treat a human body as an economic system when we try to manage its viability, health and youth. This approach is called Bionomics.